About departament

Department of dermal and venereologic diseases of Tashkent pediatric medical institute was founded on the 20th of August 1972 the first chief and the founder of the department was professor Suleymanov Karim Suleymanovich (1972-1989). In 1989-2009 the department was managed by professor Shadyev Khakim Kayumovich. Sunce 2009 and still the chief of the department is professor Mannanov Abdushukur Malikovich. Nowadays the members of the department are: professor M.I. Abdullayev, professor Yuldashev M.A., senior lecturer Khaitov K.N., senior lecturer Rikhsiyev U.Sh., assistants PhD Khodjayeva S.M., PhD Bobobekova N.B., Nabieva D.D., Babajonov O.A., Mun A.V., Akhrarov Kh.Kh., Adilgereeva M.I., Valiev A.A., Pulatova S.H.

Students of the 4th grade of medical-pedagogic, general medicine and pediatric faculties study “Dermal and venereologic diseases” at the department. The department trains according to confirmed scientific thematic “Epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical progress, implementation of new methods of treatment and prophylactics of chronic and congenital dermal diseases among children in the conditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In their scientific-practical pedagogic activity members of the department closely cooperate with the Republican specialized scientific-practical center of dermatology and venereology, Republic specialized scientific-practical center of pediatrics, Republic Perinatal center, department of dermatovenereology of Tashkent medical academy, department of dermatovenereology of the Institute of Doctors professional training and perfection, European Academy of Dermatologists and Venereologists (EADV), Central dermal and venereologic institute of HM of RF. The members of the department actively participate in the designing of methodic recommendations and educational manuals on pediatric dermatology. At the presents time there are more than 4 methodic recommendations, 3 monographies and 1 textbook issued by the department. Besides that, members of the department, applicants actively participate in international conferences, congresses and symposiums.