Current international projects


At present, with the direct participation of TashPMI and the TashPMI clinic, the following projects are in operation:

  • TechReh: Technologies in Rehabilitation.

         Project goal: Expanding the capacity of universities and medical centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan based on the application of innovative methods and capabilities.

  • Childcare: Improvement of the childcare education system as a model for the modernization of postgraduate medical education in Central Asia. The implementation of this project is planned for the period 2019-2022. It was prepared within the framework of the Erasmus + program of the European Union and in August 2018 was approved for funding by the European Union.

The below listed projects are recognized in Uzbekistan and TashPMI employees and students can participate in this project.

  • DAAD (ger. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)- DAAD is an agency funded by Germany and providing assistance in obtaining education and conducting research in German universities, students, as well as scientific researchers from Uzbekistan and other countries.
  • Project Erasmus +: This project is funded by the European Union and plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of international cooperation between universities of Uzbekistan and other countries.
  • Young Leaders Program Student -Educational grant for young leaders, Japan. This project is known for being active in many spheres, in particular in the Health Organization.
  • ITEC- (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation) - This project is a direction in several areas for students, young professors and teachers in India. Several teachers from TASPMi have been trained on this project in the field of telemedicine, healthcare organizations.