DEAR COLLEAGUES! At the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute is planned to conduct educational and methodical conference, on the theme: "The use and effectiveness of modern technologies in higher medical education" Date - January 6, 2017, Location - Tashkent, TashPMI The Organizing Committee invites teaching staff and all those who are interested in this topic to participate in a conference on topical issues of teaching at the university. The conference involves a broad exchange of scientific and practical experience, ideas and views on teaching and technology, techniques and teaching methods in medical school. The objectives of the conference - to analyze and evaluate ongoing research studies in terms of their effectiveness and applicability in the educational and methodical process of the education system; facilitate the introduction of modern teaching technologies to trace the history and current status of assessment methods in the education system. The following issues will be analyzed at the conference: - Use of modern pedagogical and medical diagnostic technologies in the educational process; - Pedagogical and methodological problems of teaching in higher education; - Problems and prospects of teaching. Conference languages: Uzbek, Russian and English. Requirements for registration of articles: Texts of articles should be submitted as a separate file. The volume of total 3 or more typewritten pages ( "Word" in the text editor, the font "TimesNewRoman" size - 14, line spacing - 1,5, margins - 2.5 cm), the title bar at the center of the lower case, after the header pass - 1 line. Article title. Above the headline in the center - information about the author (s): name, city, university (full), e-mail. Submissions received later than 15 December 2016 and are not relevant conference topics and the rules of registration, it will not be published. Authors of articles and abstracts are responsible for content and literacy materials provided. Articles and abstracts, please send to the address: Tashkent, 100140, st Bogishamol, 223. The conference organizing committee of administration building, 1 - floor, office 6 educational - methodical department Isakhanova Nigora,e-mail: (+99871) 260-31-27, Fax: (+99898) 262-33-14