Mentor and pupil

In all clinical and theoretical departments of the Institute for the creation of a school, a mentor and a student organized student scientific circles. In these circles, the selected scientific topic covers the actual problems of pediatrics.

From 2 courses with gifted students, the supervisor works, which then becomes a mentor for this student. The student conducts scientific research under the supervision of his mentor. Our scientific circles for students, organized by the scientific department, are controlled by our professors at the departments. Scientific works are published in the form of theses and articles at the Institute at the departments, at scientific conferences of students. Providing scientific knowledge about the subject to gifted students, appropriate advice by mentors will help the current young generation to be more aware. Up to the present time, 14 scientific projects and 2 economic contracts have been held in the school of the Instructor and student, in which 65 masters and 200 gifted students, 8 doctoral students took part. They were given practical assistance in participating in scientific conferences in foreign countries for the publication of articles, theses and monographs.