Information about foreign students studying in TashPMI

Information about foreign students of TashPMI

Admission and training of foreign citizens to the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute is implements in accordance with the Law on Education, other legislative acts and the Regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved by the Cabinet of Minister’s Resolution # 266 of May 24, 1994.

There are 32 foreign students from 7 different countries studies at TashPMI. For instance for 2018-2019 academic year there are 25 young people from different countries of the world admitted to the TashPMI.

The majority of foreign students are citizens of the CIS countries: Turkmenistan 5, the Russian Federation 6, Kazakhstan 11 and Kyrgyzstan 2. Also, there are 8 students from South Korea and 1 student from Israel nowadays studying at TashPMI.