II – Pediatrics and Medical Biology Faculty

In 1972, by order of the Ministry of Health, the Dean's Office of the Central Asian Pediatric Institute was organized. Since 1977 the I and II pediatric faculties have been organized. In its activity, the dean's office is guided by the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the orders of the higher educational institution and is considered a structural unit of the institute.

Dean's office was headed by 1972-1977. Professor F. Kh. Nazarmukhamedov, in 1976-1977. Professor OT Oqilov. II pediatric faculty headed: in 1977-1979. Professor VAAlimov, in 1979-1981. Professor F.Kh. Nazarmuhamedov, in 1982 - 1983 years. Professor N.O. Zokirov, in 1985-1986. Associate Professor GLVasilenko, in 1986-1996. professor P.S. Djalilov. Since 1997, Professor HK Shodiev, since 1999, Professor H. F. Fayziev, in 2000-2012, Professor I. A.Kasimov. Since 2012, Dean of the II Pediatric Faculty is Professor BMTadjiev.