Meeting of youth from different nationalities

From the first years of independence in Uzbekistan, the creation of favorable conditions for the revival and development of the traditional cultural heritage of all nations and nationalities living on the territory of the Republic has become one of the priorities of the state policy. Today in our country more than one hundred ethnicities live in harmony with one family and work effectively in different spheres. All conditions have been created for the preservation and development of the language, culture, customs and traditions of all nations and nationalities. Our state pays special attention to further strengthening of mutual understanding between different nations. For this purpose, a seminar on "The Role of Ideas of Inter-ethnic and Religious Tolerance in the Youths", organized by the Navoi Regional Council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan. The seminar was attended by national cultural centers, religious groups and youth from different ethnic backgrounds. The meeting was attended by 7 heads of national cultural centers. This seminar has a strong place in the decision-making process, especially among young people, about the ideas of solidarity, harmony and tolerance.