On 5-8 October, a sociological survey of young families across the country will be held!

Family is the basis of peace and prosperity. His prosperity is directly related to the future of the country. Despite the positive efforts made in Uzbekistan to support all young families, there are still negative moments. The only solution is to study the causes of problems and apply the most effective solutions.

To this end, the Institute for the Study of Young People and the Prospective Personnel Training Center, the Family Research and Practical Research Center and the Youth Union of Uzbekistan will conduct a sociological survey on 5-8 October in the Republic on "Common problems encountered during the life of young families and their solutions". .

The survey includes representatives of families with a family of up to 30 years, men and women divorced from their families, young families on the verge of closing, employed and temporarily unemployed youth, and labor migrants.

As a result of the survey, the most common problems encountered during the life of young families are the scientific research and recommendations for their solution are prepared.

Dear friends! Let's solve our problems together. Take the survey. Your thoughts can also solve the problems of your peers.

Contact the youth regional councils!