Division history

From 2017 to the present time, Nosirov Abdulaziz Akhmatullaevich is the chairman of the primary organization of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan.

The leader of the medical-pedagogical and curative affairs of the faculty is Mirmakhammadov Otabek Furkatovich

Leader of the 1-Pediatric Faculty - Akbarova Muruvvat Sobirovna

The leader of the 2-pediatric faculty is Nizomov Laziz Ismatullaevich

The leader of the Higher Nursing School of the faculty is Asatullaeva Gulgina

At present, the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan is equipped with new computer technologies, a wireless network of Wi-Fi, etc. In the "Union of Youth of Uzbekistan" activists conduct leisure, interactive games and competitions, which makes this department more interesting and informative.