About department
Our department was founded in 1972, August 26. The students were taught 5 languages. Russian, Latin, English, Germany, French. Senior teacher I.A.Balybing was elected as a head of department. She lead it till 1975. There were some teachers who took part actively in foundation of department. For ex: Goldzand L.G, Z.L.Abdusattarova, S.I.Vilderman. N.M.Kulbatskaya, M.A.Shomansurova, E.F.Rahimova etc. Since December 17 1975 the candidate of philological sciences R.A. Fayzullayeva lead the Foreign languages Department. On September 23 1976 the Department of Foreign languages was founded. In 1985, Latin was Separated as special Course. R.A.Berezovskaya lead that course. 1 monolography., 29 articles, 10 methodological courses, 6 methodic manuals were published by teachers of department. Foreign language was not taught in national groups in national groups. Teachers took part in several methodic conferences. R.A. Fayzullayva was a participant of conference in Minsk in 1980, 1982 she took part in Republic methodic conference. R.A,Fayzullayeva, S,I.Vilderman took part in methodic conference in Minsk in 1983, Fayzullaeva participated in conference devoted to foreign language teaching mattes in medical institutes in Vitebsk (1985), and she also took part in seminar devoted to problems in improving learning process I Grodno (1988). In 1989 R.A. Fayzullayeva and M.Sh.Kamilova took part in conference in Samarkand. In 1983 the head of department R.A. Fayzullaeva passed the course of improving qualification of germanists and also the course of improving qualification in Moscow Medical Institute. The teachers E.Z. Rakhimova and M.A.Shamansurova passed a course of improving qualification in Leningrad M.Sh.Kamilova passed a course of improving qualification in First Moscow medical institute named after Pirogov. Since 1997 L.Yu. Akramova headed the department. In 1999 the volunteer of Peace. Corpus of USA Ruby Long worked in the department. Club the organized English where students watched video films introduced to literature, played different games. In our Institute there were opened the faculty of Higher Medical Nurses and Master Degree. By teachers of our department there were made up training programmers’ according to specializations. The students of High Medical Nurses faculty learn foreign language by their specialty. They got text- books according to their specialist. Our department was got a lot of literatures and video audio cassettes. Teachers use them during practical lessons during 1998-2001 years senior teacher of department M.Sh.Kamilova, Rh.D.Aymetova, D.R.Nabiyeva, P.R.Rasulova, M.M.Akhmedova passed courses ESP organizing by Soros Fund and got certificates. From 1998 our students take good places in Republic Olympiad. Since December, 2003 till September, 2014 year our department was headed by M.Sh.Kamilova.During this period there were made up training programmed according to requires of Educational Standard Great attention is paid to teach lessons in a high level, study to the methods of teaching using new pedagogical technologies in process of studying. Talented students take part in Olympiad and Students Scientific Societies. Since 2004 students participate actively in SSS and different conferences and show good results. Teachers of our department pass the course of improving Qualification in Uzbekistan state University of World languages and TUII where they learn to new methods of studying with innovation technologies. They share the experience with other teachers at the Department. Teacher also take part in conferences in TUI I Uzbekistan State University of world languages, Tashkent State Institute of law with various articles, thesis’s where they share experience. During the last years our department prepared оne text book 3, methodological manual and thematic dictionary. There were included new study books in the curriculum of I course student such as Total English Elementary (Mark Foley, Diane Hall) in 2013-2014 study year, Scale Up (Jalaliddinov M., Hodjieva R., Karimova D.,  Kasimova Z., Samatova B., Shahakimova M., Shamsimatova M., Tursuniova M..) in 2014-2015 study year. Since October, 2014 year our department is headed by  associate professor D.D.Buronova