Spiritual and moral work

Spiritual and moral work of the course is carried out on the basis of the approved annual plan. Teachers regularly organize and conduct round tables, meetings, training seminars, charity events and excursions with the students, show their videos and movies on various moral and educational themes. Of these, the most relevant moral topics such as: "I am a happy citizen of independent Uzbekistan", "Uzbekistan on the road creativeness", "My role in the development of Uzbekistan", "To develop our political and legal knowledge and culture", "Culture of appearance", "The spiritual image of the student," "Ethical Rules", "The fight against bad habits", "Healthy lifestyle - our basic slogan" "Religious orientations, their true goals and ideas" "Religious extremism and fundamentalism, their negative consequences" "Learning from the rich spiritual and scientific heritage of ancestors". And the teachers of the course are taught special courses in the works of the President, which set out on ongoing political, economic, spiritual and cultural reforms in the years of independence. The course has a corner "Spirituality and enlightenment", enriched with different visual means, such as books, posters, banners, and wheels. The staff of the course is actively involved in social work of the Institute, in various events and sports competitions. All the teachers of the course are attached curatorial groups and throughout the school year 2 times per month they spend "Information Hour", together with the students go to the theater, museums and attractions of Uzbekistan.