Division history

Intrahigh inspection department was organized in 1997. State inspection consisted of three persons: the head of Department - Assoc. Makhmudovа LW, inspectors: Povolotsky VS, MC Sharipova Activities of the department was based on provisions of the "Inspectorate intrahigh quality control of the educational process in higher education," approved by the Order № 106 of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 26 April 1996. Since 2001, the order of the Ministry of Higher Education August 29, 2001 № 207 Division renamed as department "Internal control and monitoring." Daminova Nasyrovna Malik, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Head of Internal Control and Monitoring with TashPMI 20.09.2002g to 01.11.2010. In those years was a lecturer in the department of Akhrarov HH - Senior inspector, lecturer Mehmonova NU - Inspector. Since 2005, the department is working on the post Methodist Mahkamova GG, which in 2010 was appointed head of the department of internal control and monitoring.