Division activity

1. Department of Raising and upbringing organizes, agrees and checks spiritual-upbringing of the action, directed on shaping beside student of faithfulness idea to national independence, love to fatherland, faith in great purpose of the creation free and flowering Native land, as well as education in spirit of boldness and selflessness.

2. Department of Raising and upbringing :
- provides the well-timed issue a document and instructions MHMSE, taken on spiritual-moral questions and execution specified problems in them.
- confirms and checks activity of the public bodies and responsible on spiritual-moral education on faculty.
- organizes spiritual-moral work in student dormitory
- checks activity CIR in spiritual-enlighting sphere.
- gives the necessary material for "Information group".
- develops the offers and recommendations for improvement of the functioning the Advice mentor-curator.
- closely co-operates with primary organization such as, "The Union of youth of Uzbekistan", Feminine Advice and other public bodies TPMI.
- organizes the mugs, clubs in spiritual-enlighting purpose, agrees and checks their activity.
- provides the broad participation of the group of the teachers of the institute and student in mass action, hashar and work on improvement adjoined territory.