Social protection

Social protection

January-August 2018

In connection with the day of defenders of the Motherland in our Institute was held a festive event for former employees of the Department. 12 employees were presented with gifts.

On March 8, 110 employees of the clinic, screening center and the Institute were presented with gifts.

93 employees of the Institute of the clinic were provided with financial assistance in accordance with their statements.

To restore the health of employees were given preferential vouchers to places of rest and sanatorium "Turon" (1), "Botanika" (1), "Chortoq" (3), "Oktosh" (3), "Zomin" (2), "Buston" (2), "Chimyon" (2) and family members of 2 employees only 16 employees and 20 employees in "Yunusobod Suu havzasi".

In addition, in the summer season of 2018, 216 employees with their families restored their health at the recreation site "Shifokor" at the Institute.

On April 13, 2018, the regular meeting (conference) of the staff of the Committee of the trade Union TashPMI was held.

The meeting was attended by 51 delegates on behalf of 2264 members of the Trade Union. The report on the activities of the Trade Union for 2017 was listened to in the order of the day (speaker-Chairman of the trade Union) And the draft of the collective agreement for 2018-2019 was discussed and approved.

In may 7, 2018 in connection with the holiday of “Memory and honor” a festive event was held and 14 veterans were given holiday gifts. 63 the staff at the clinic and “Republican screening center of mother and ditya” was issued free tickets to the concert “Go’zalsan, betakrorsan Ona Vatanim” was held at the concert hall “Istiqlol” in the April 15, 2018.

May 6, 2018 for 39 employees of the Clinic was organized a trip to the city of Samarkand on the basis of preferential prices.

In connection with the "day of nurses" may 11-12, 2018 30 employees of the Clinic were given tickets to the house of cinema "Alisher Navoi".

In connection with the “children's day” Clinic staff were given 300 tickets to the concert hall “Turkiston”.