Division history

The founder and the first editor-in-chief of scientifically-practical magazine "Pediatrics" was д.м.н., professor A.S.Sulajmanov. He headed magazine since 1996 till 1997 D.A.Asadov supervised over magazine within 10 years – with 1997 till 2007 Since 2007 the editor-in-chief of magazine is д.м.н., the professor д.м.н., professor A.V.Alimov. The assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine since 1996 till 2005 was д.м.н., professor A.I.Iskandarov since 2005 till 2007 д.м.н., professor A.V.Alimov, since 2007 to the present time of the deputy the editor-in-chief is д.м.н., professor D.I.Ahmedova. The responsible secretary of magazine since 1996 on 1997 was д.б.н., professor U.K.Ibragimov, since 1997 till 1998 – д.м.н., professor E.S.Shamsiev, since 1998 till 2005 – д.м.н., professor D.I.Ahmedova, since 2005 to the present time the responsible secretary is д.м.н., professor A.V.Murathodzhaeva. Managing edition of magazine since 1996 to the present time is V.R.Abdurahmanova.

Pediatrics №3.2017

Pediatriya 3 / 2017