Division activity

The main activities of department are:
1. General control of Situation observance on office-work is imposed on the manager. Office.
2. Statement and office-work improvement in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.
3. Organization of the correct account and correspondence registration.
4. The organization of use and storage of the documentary materials finished by office-work.

Management and organization of activity of department:
• The management of Department is carried out by the head of department appointed by the order of the rector of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.
• Employees of department are accepted by the rector according to the recommendation of the head of department.
• The chief presides at all activity according to Position of Department and the institute Charter.

Department structure: The department has 8 established posts, from them:
• Chief
• Inspector
• Clerk
• The operator of copy machines – 2
• Courier
• head of archives
• Registrar

Obligations of department:
1 . Documenting of administrative activity
2 . Reception, registration and the direction of arriving correspondence
3 . Drawing up nomenclatures of affairs and formation of affairs
4 . Preparation of documents for transfer to departmental archive
5 . Reception and sending correspondence.
6 . allocation of document registration and statements of citizens for the report to the management, maintaining their accounting of registration and systematic control of execution.
7 . Acquaintance of staff of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION with administrative documents.
8 . Representation to the management of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of data concerning office-work and control of execution.
9 . The methodical management of office-work statement in structural divisions and control of its condition.
10 . Statement of work of archive according to existing instruction of the Resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 140 of 29.03.1999.
11. Organizataion of professional development and drawing up official and functional duties of staff of office.