Division activity

Duties of the chief of department

•    Maintenance of the organization of accounting of the standard documents confirmed by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, To supervise an effective utilization financial and a manpower;
•    To supervise timely calculation of monthly salaries for professorial  - teaching stuff and employees of institute, grants of the student their delivery;   
•    In due time to spend inventory of the monetary finance and material assets;
•    With a view of efficient control to summarize the information of the accounting report;
•    Drawing up of reports in the field of financing;
•    Transfer of taxes to the local and republican budget is timely;
•    It is expedient to spend the monetary finance received from bank;
•    To prevent occurrence дебиторский  And creditor debts;
•    Correct monitoring of the expense of salary fund On Basis Statements of the regular Tables and regular data cards;
•    Correct израсходование grant fund On Basis Supply of the rector
•    Monitoring in a warehouse of reception and израсходования material integrity On Basis of the established rules
•    To supervise timely delivery monthly quarter and annual reports in Mines HIGH SCHOOL, to tax inspection and other organizations, knowledge of value Laws, decisions of an office of the Minister, постановление boards, orders of the rector  Tashkent pediatric medical institute, Concerning department activity, knowledge annual and long-term plans Ташкентского the pediatric The medical Institute, Knowledge documentary on the organization of the accounting report, financially and контрольно – auditing The organizations And also all methodical and other documents concerning financially – economic activities of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute in structure   The Tashkent pediatric medical Institute and to prospects of its development.
•    Should possess professional and организаторскими abilities, experience by the work experience on a supervising post in an education sphere, corresponding to sphere of activity and powers The demanded  For supervising posts of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute;
•    It is necessary to have higher education;
•    It is necessary to have in a department direction not мене 3х the annual experience ;

The instruction of a post of the assistant to the chief accountant

•    Performance of a management and function of the executive on one From Direction Accounts department activity The Tashkent pediatric medical institute контролирование works of cash desk and introduction of cash operations;
•    Working out of bank documents and анализ  Performance of the estimate of expenses;
•    Контролировать payment of the salary of grants On Sheets Time disability of grants by students and to competitors to trainees and rendering in it of practical assistance;  
•    Контролировать a turn of documents of the income and the expense introduction of the report and the account of money resources commodity-material assets and the basic means of results financially economic activities monitoring timely lawful registration of the finance;
•    Realization       Control of registration of money resources commodity-material assets and fixed capital;
•    Fate in official registration of papers on waste of money resources and commodity-material assets
•    Maintenance of timely preparation of primary documents of the concerning finance and accounting reports;
•    Knowledge of the charter of instructions and standard documents of an internal order and standard documents Ташкентского the pediatric medical Institute The concerning By all means activity;
•    It is necessary to have higher education;
•    In twins to sphere should be informed by information and data on questions    Concerning the activity;     
•    It Should be informed about activity;
•    It is necessary  to have  higher education;

Duties of the bookkeeper

•    Introductions of the report and the account of off-budget means;
•    Daily to watch the orders prepared by a staff department of institute;
•    To calculate monthly salaries and pensions The professor – to teachers to employees and workers;
•     To make the account of means Arriving payments of the students trained on a platno-contract basis;
•    Preparation of contracts for Students Trainees on a contract basis;
•    Knowledge of the Charter, the instructions, concerning directly activity of internal usages of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute, standard documents;
•    To possess The exemplary personal Qualities-intelligence, Culture creative abilities, politeness and initiative, feeling responsibility, property independently to make decisions;
•    Necessarily should have средне vocational education;
•    Should be informed information and data on the questions, concerning directly the sphere of activity;               

Duties of the cashier  

•    Distribution of cash from cash desk on a basis Expense sheets or replacing them;
•    Under the list Given out Accounts departments To load money for plastic cards;
•    To protect Purposefully To use computers and Internet modemograms, Charged for loading of plastic cards,
•    Knowledge of the Charter, instructions and standard documents, Concerning directly the activity, an internal order of the Tashkent pediatric medical institute, standard documents.
•    Necessarily should have secondary special  Formation;
•    Should be informed information and data concerning biting directly the activity.