Division activity

The main activities of department are:
• Planning and organization of financing of activity of educational institution.
• Drawing up staff lists, estimates of expenses on all kinds of activity.
• Providing together with accounts department of institute and other divisions of the correct and effective use of the money allocated for the maintenance of institute.
• Preparation of planned reports.
• The analysis of the budgetary and off-budget estimates under articles.

Management and organization of activity of department:
• The management of department is carried out by the head of department who is appointed and relieved of the post by the rector
• Economists of department submit directly to the head of department
• The head of department presides at all activity according to Position of Department and the institute Charter.

Planned finance department structure: The department has 3 established posts:
• Head of department
• Economist of 1 category
• Economist of 2 categories