Changes in higher education

On October 24, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the further development of higher education, improving the quality of training, expanding the integration of science and production.

“It is regrettable that under conditions of accelerated economic development, the higher education system, instead of being the“ engine ”of development, does not keep up with the times. The bitter truth is that we do not have a system that meets the structural changes in the labor market and is able to train young people to professions, to form their entrepreneurial skills, "said the head of state.

The President set the task of moving from centralized financing to self-financing and economic independence in order to increase the international prestige of universities and to decently stimulate the activities of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

The necessity of simplifying the system of appointments of rectors and vice-rectors, creating a system of continuous evaluation of activities, targeted incentives, increasing the responsibility of professors and teachers was also pointed out.

The head of state noted that the main task in the field of education is the improvement of the system for assessing students' knowledge, curricula and the educational process.