List of documents


Applicant for admission to study at the university rents the selection committee the following documents:

- citizen's passport (or a certificate in form 09 issued by the departments of internal affairs with the identification number of the individual if the passport is missing);
- Diploma of graduation from the institution of secondary specialized and professional education (with an application) or certificate of completion of general secondary education (based on the 11th grade);
- payment receipt (for persons who have completed secondary / vocational education in previous years);
- document confirming the right of applicants to benefits in the manner prescribed by the regulations of the President of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers.


In addition, if the applicant is a winner of international and national competitions, competitions and competitions must submit to the admission committee the original document confirming his right to enroll on a non-competitive basis;

Below is a list of applicants recommended for training in a higher educational institution out of competition on a grant basis, upon presentation of the original document confirming the applicant's right to a benefit:

- winners of international and republican competitions, contests and competitions, laureates of the State Prize;
- holders of a recommendation letter from the Republican Commission of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan (for pedagogical areas);
- persons having recommendations of the command of a military unit and the primary organization of the Youth Union;
- children of servicemen of the Armed Forces (whose father (mother) died during service or became disabled);
- children of employees of the internal affairs bodies (whose father (mother) died during service or became disabled).