Summary report on mobile internship at SanPio Hospital (Italy, Benevento) for the period February 18, 201–18.05 2019

The hospital has 8 departments, which are divided into sections:

- Department of emergency assistance

- Cardiothoracic vascular department (cardiology)

- Department of Medical Sciences, and long-term care (allergology, dermatology)

- Department of Neurosurgery (rehabilitation)

- Department of Motherhood and childhood

- Department of Surgery

- Department of Oncology

- Department of Healthcare and Organizational Services 

During the internship period, we visited all the departments of the hospital. The main work was held in the departments of rehabilitation, allergology and dermatology, cardiology, emergency department, emergency medical care unit, pediatric and neonatal ICU.


During the internship period under the guidance of the professor, we have mastered and improved:

- many methods of rehabilitation of patients with various pathologies in the musculoskeletal system,

- rehabilitation of patients after various injuries,

-technical rehabilitation of patients after stroke,

-rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson's disease,

- rehabilitation of patients with hereditary pathologies in the musculoskeletal system,

- rehabilitation of patients after surgical interventions,

- in-depth study of methods for the diagnosis of allergic diseases, as well as susceptibility to it. Such as, conducting skin and allergy tests, provocative methods, depending on what is the reaction: Patch test, prick test, prick by prick, provocative test.

- spirography of patients with complaints of the bronchopulmonary system.

- examination and care of patients after surgical interventions in the cardiac rehabilitation department.

- daily examinations of neurorehabilitation department for the purpose of rehabilitation of disabled patients

- care for premature babies in the department of motherhood and childhood, early and modern diagnostic-treatment methods of neonatal sepsis, work with modern and multifunctional incubators for preterm babies, early diagnostics of congenital cardiovascular defects by modern Doppler Echocardiography devices, the use of new P-ECG method in central intravenous access of pediatric and neonatal patients under monitoring of Doppler ultrasound and ECG, use of preventive and diagnostic neurosonography in newborns .

- participation in carrying out local skin operations for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, removal of epitheliomas, sarcomas, nevi and other skin tumors.

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During the internship, the magistracy student Ismailova E.N. was invited as a speaker to the II International Conference “Women in Business”, where she represented Uzbekistan, the Institute of TashPMI, and also acquainted the conference participants with the cities of Uzbekistan, traditions, and customs.




Conducting "Erasmus Orientation Meeting" with students of the Erasmus program.

The meeting provided information about the University of Sannio, coverage of issues regarding the city of Benevento.

Presentation by Dr. Enrico Buonfino on the theme “rehabilitation in Italy, its system, stages of development”

During the internship, Sannio University provided an opportunity to study Italian language. The course lasted two months, 2-3 times a week, classes were held in the building of the office of the University of Sannio.



Official dinner at the doctor Pierangela Motola's house. At the dinner, we tasted Italian dishes, prepared national Uzbek dishes, and discussed the details of our internships. At the end of the evening, the parties exchanged small souvenirs.


Within the framework of the project Erasmus plus, University of Sannio, San Pio Hospital and representatives of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute and the Tashkent University of Information Technologies signed 4 agreements that provide for mutual scientific and technical cooperation in the field of healthcare and medicine. The signing took place in the Palazzo del Governo, the Prefecture of the city of Benevento, in the presence of the prefect Francesco Antonio Cappetta and the consul in Italy Rashidov Shukhrat Shavkatovich.



We would like to note that this opportunity gave us a lot of new knowledge in medicine, and also contributed to the spiritual and cultural development, which is one of the many priorities of this program, we also made new friends, whom we invited to Uzbekistan, in order to share knowledge, culture, customs, and traditions of the Uzbek people.

The summary report was prepared by the master student of the 3rd course, the Department of Therapy, E. Ismailova, master student of 2nd course of the Department of Emergency Medicine, N. Zokirov, and by a Ph.D. student in Cardiology, M. Asomov.