First working meeting of members of the TPMI CHILDCA project

On 18.03.2018, the first working meeting of members of the CHILDCA project team (“Improving the childcare training system as a model for modernizing postgraduate medical education in Central Asia”, prepared as part of the European Union's Erasmus educational program + strengthening the capacity of universities) was held in the small hall of TashPMI. At the agenda of the meeting were discussed the priority goals and objectives of the project, the main activities of specialists in the field of pediatrics, neuropsychiatry and pediatric surgery. The components of the work packages and the plans for the distribution of the project’s activities were analyzed and discussed in detail. As a result of the meeting, assignments were distributed to members of the project team to analyze the current situation in the Republic on the main focus of the project, study the postgraduate education curriculum and review questionnaires to study user needs.

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