The progress of the project TechReh: analysis of work done and future plans

The progress of the project TechReh: analysis of work done and future plans

In the period 24-26 April took place the third meeting of the project consortium TechReh, at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, in Paris, France. This time the meeting was combined with an introduction to the processes of teaching and research in the field of technology and medical rehabilitation of the European University, who is a leader of the work package is to establish a new Muster Study, modernisation of a number of training programmes and conducting staff development courses in technology and rehabilitation. The meeting was attended by representatives of 6 organizations of Uzbekistan (Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute branch in Nukus, TUIT, TUIT branch in Karshi, E-Learning Center under MHSSE, RSRCPMR) and 6 organizations from the EU (Universities Sannio, Pierre and Marie Curie, Plovdiv, the European Association of Physiotherapists and the representatives of the companies Plux and BTS).

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The first half of the day on April 24 was dedicated to the analysis of works on creation of master and already run professional development courses. Overall, the project consortium was pleased with the results achieved, moreover, had already been running training courses and prepared a package of documents for opening of new master study. Courses and graduate programs were generally adopted, recommendations were made and presented questions and comments.

In the framework of continuing education and training in the master study provides for the use of high technology in the field of programming and ICT. In this regard, one of the project partners, namely the company Plux has sponsored and provided free of charge 20 sets of hardware (mini-computers) to conduct research in the field of biosignals, with the original name BITalino. Moreover, the scientific staff of the company gave a master class on how to use this equipment. After a lively discussion the participants suggested to organize a scientific workshop in Uzbekistan, the results of use of this equipment academic partners of the project. 

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The second half of the day was devoted to the study of practical teaching and research in various fields that are of interest to the project and underpin the future master, and upgrading existing courses. So a lively discussion was aroused by the visit and presentation of the Institute of Intelligence and Robotics. Were presented in detail the work and projects of this Institute, the available equipment and methods of teaching and research in this area. Also great interest was aroused by the presentations of professors from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie on the basics of programming in real time, design of rehabilitation systems, the use of mechatronics the study of electronics and magnetism.

All lectures and presentations were followed by visits to laboratories and discussions with researchers and even with students who are academic practice in these laboratories.

On April 25 the first half of the day was devoted to issues related to medicine, was heard two interesting presentations prepared by experts from the Medical University of Plovdiv. It was presented the content of two modules for graduate who will develop and teach by TashPMI faculty: problems and the integrity of the muscular and skeletal systems, as well as neurological diseases. After that, specialists of the French University continued the presentation in the field of biomechanics, medical robotics, and visualization of data received from the devices. 

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The day ended with a round table on which discussed the questions connected with development of educational content of the future master, the interaction between universities and clarification of future work in Uzbekistan.

The third and last day of the meeting was focused already on administrative matters relating to the purchased laboratory equipment, organizing delivery and installation of this equipment. That is why the meeting was also attended by representatives of the company that won the tender in Italy – BTS. It should be noted the fact that a piece of equipment has no analogues in Central Asia, and is a really modern and can become an impulse for the development of scientific research in the field of rehabilitation of neurology diseases.

Concluding the day, the project consortium discussed the forthcoming visits of the teaching staff on courses in the European universities partners, as well as organizational part of the meeting of the Consortium in Uzbekistan in November of this year. We have good memories of meeting with the leadership of the French University, Vice-rector for international cooperation, who express to us the best wishes for the success of our project. 

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Overall, the meeting was very fruitful and the project progress according to the consortium gives hope for a positive completion of the project within the next two years.

Sherzod Ashirbaev and Igor Vikhrov