Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute

On June 2-3 2016, held a meeting of the partners of the project UZHELTH in the Bukhara State Medical Institute and Bukhara State University. The main Agenda of the meeting was the topics about second student mobility in the framework of the project UZHELTH.

The meeting was attended by the European partners from the University of Pisa, which is the coordinator of the project and all 10 partners from Uzbekistan, including representatives of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Water Recourses and Agriculture.

Guests from Europe presented a report on mobility held in the framework of the project, where were presented all the topics that the students sent to the project on a three-month internship that took place in the framework of his stay in the European universities partners.

Separately, the project discussed topics on modernization of educational programs in the framework of the project and how the project can assist the Uzbek universities to change curricula and provide financial assistance in the purchase of several textbooks on the English language.




Another topic was the development of a training module on public health given its interdisciplinary approach, which takes into account the ecology, food safety, agriculture and veterinary science. TPMI presented to the consortium of the project lectures on public health, in turn colleagues presented their lectures within their academic disciplines. In this connection, members of the project managed to prepare a unique module on public health in view of the above disciplines.

BSMI staff held a presentation of their University, and presented to the project participants the work of the information centre created in the framework of the project carried out stakeholder consultations on various aspects of public health and such as a Tuning methodology.

On the second day of the meeting all participants had the opportunity to visit the nature Reserve place "Gazelle" and to see the state of the ecosystem of the reserve place, as well as to get an idea about the status of the flora and fauna of this arid region. Then the participants discussed the impact of environment on health.

At the end of the day the members of the project team have begun to develop sectoral qualifications frameworks that, in principle, is the main global goal of the project. Draft sectoral qualifications frameworks it is planned to transfer for consideration by all relevant ministries and departments.




And as a summary of the working meeting it was decided to organize a student conference in Tashkent on the results of two mobility with the publication of the provisional results of the implemented mobility. Also, the project consortium decided to spend the penultimate meeting of the project in Nukus and final meeting on the project in Tashkent, with participation of all stakeholders and wide dissemination of project results.

Sherzod Ashirbaev, Igor Vikhrov