Further expansion of opportunities for TashPMI teachers as a result of the project CBHE Erasmus+ TechReh and ICM

On October 07-11, 2019, another visit to the University of Sannio (Italy) took place within the framework of the project on International Credit Mobility Erasmus+ KA1 E. I.P. Vikhrov (Head of the Department) and D.K. Muminov (Assistant of the Department of therapy) participated as representatives of the team from TashPMI. The main objective of this visit was the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between a number of organizations of Benevento (Italy) and universities of Uzbekistan.


The initiators of deepening cooperation between universities of Italy and Uzbekistan were the University of Sannio and TashPMI, who have experience in implementing joint projects for more than 5 years.

It is gratifying to note the fact that the developed project to improve the skills of Uzbek doctors in the state hospital of Benevento "San PIO" will be carried out at its own expense and without the involvement of EU grants. This directly testifies to the sustainability of the project and the goodwill and desire of the Italian partners to actively participate in the development of Uzbek medicine.

The uniqueness of the joint project to improve the skills of doctors TashPMI in the hospital of San PIO is the fact that the co-financing of the project involved in addition to the Administration of the hospital, the University and officials of the Catholic Church of Benevento, which will provide free accommodation in the dormitory of the hotel type of its Academy next to the hospital. Moreover, special attention will be paid to female doctors in the selection process for the hospital's advanced training courses, which also contributes to gender equality. Thus, the intercultural interaction between Uzbekistan and Italy will be implemented in all aspects of public life.




In turn, the parties assured each other of mutual respect and readiness to continue to deepen mutual cooperation in the field of education and science and TashPMI is waiting for professors from Italy with a return visit in November 2019.

Igor Vikhrov