On January 14 – "Day of defenders of the Homeland"

In our country the holiday – "Day of defenders of the Homeland" is widely celebrated on January 14.

Protection of the homeland is a holy duty of each person. For protection of the homeland it is necessary to be ready from all soul, to be vigilant and careful, to acquire military and technical knowledge. Therefore today it is considered one of the main objectives education at youth of such qualities, as patriotism, courage and courage which were transferred from generation in generation by our ancestors.

Protection of the homeland it means a preservation of peace and tranquillity in the country, strengthening of belief and hope of our people to the great future, increases of a place and authority of independent Uzbekistan on the world community.

In TashPMI in this regard the holiday will organize round tables and actions among students, pupils of the academic lyceum and youth waved.

The actions devoted to this holiday certainly promote education at youth of love for the country, devotion to ideas of independence, patriotism, strengthen desire to execute a military debt and to serve in ranks of national army.