The President congratulated with the Day of defenders of the Motherland!


President Shavkat Mirziyaev sent a message of congratulations in connection with the 26th anniversary of the Armed Forces and the Day of defenders of the Motherland.

"Deeply conscious of the importance of security and territorial integrity, peace and harmony in our society in the conditions prevailing today in the world is difficult to predict a situation as one of the priority areas in our adopted Strategy of action for the further development of Uzbekistan in the years 2017-2021 we have identified a consistent strengthening of the defense potential of the country and the development of the Armed Forces," - said in greeting.

In the past year was the adoption of "concrete solutions on many important issues in the field of military development" and organized their practical implementation. "Thus, in such a short period of time we managed to achieve significant results, to develop a strategic vision of the future shape of our Armed Forces and a set of comprehensive measures aimed at achieving the set objectives", - said the President.

Based on the principles of flexibility and openness of the foreign policy of developing friendly and constructive relations with neighboring States, priority of the sovereignty and independence of the Motherland was efficiently updated and adopted the Defence doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The formation of the national guard and the State Committee on defense industry, major revisions to the structure and tasks of the military districts, the system of command and control were important steps for the phased equipping troops with modern weapons and equipment, listed head of state.

Increased role of state authorities in strengthening the country's defense, Patriotic education of youth, ensuring the unity of the army and the people. In each region formed the military and administrative sectors, the direct management of which is entrusted to heads of local public authorities, said Shavkat Mirziyaev.

"The increasing threat of international terrorism and extremism, the ongoing armed conflict, unstable situation in some regions of the world create new challenges on the path of dynamic development of Uzbekistan. And this requires from us an adequate response", the President said.

"Further development and increasing the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, strengthening defense capability of the country as one of the most important tasks of the state will continue to reside in the center of our attention. In the implementation of the key objectives we look forward to the active position command of the Armed Forces and military districts, the full support of public authorities on places", - said the head of the country.

In connection with the Day of defenders of the homeland by the decree of the President of the group of law enforcement officers, Ministry of defense and Ministry of emergency situations is awarded orders and medals.