Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated teachers and mentors on the holiday

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev sent greetings to teachers and mentors on the eve of the approaching date of October 1.


"Dear teachers!

Dear friends!

I sincerely congratulate you and all our compatriots who devoted their lives to the very important and noble cause of educating the younger generation on October 1, the day of teachers and mentors.

Speaking about the great importance of your hard and at the same time honorable work, I think it is appropriate to quote the words of our great educator Abdullah Avloni: "the Wealth of knowledge and the breadth of a person's worldview primarily depend on the teacher."

Indeed, each of us is indebted to you, dear teachers, for all the best that is in us, for all our successes that we have achieved in life.

On this bright holiday, we Express our deep gratitude and best wishes to you, our kind and caring mentors, who give all their knowledge and experience, the warmth of their hearts in order to become spiritually Mature individuals, have found a worthy place in society.

Dear friends!

We all understand that education and upbringing are crucial not only in today's life, but also for the future of any state and society.

Therefore, in Uzbekistan, the development of education and upbringing has become a priority of state policy.

In this regard, I would like to focus only on some important recent decisions in this area.

In accordance with The presidential decree of 30 September 2017, the Ministry of pre-school education was established for the first time in the country. The system of pre-school education has been radically reformed, more than 980 kindergartens have been built and put into operation in a short time, and educational work is carried out with the use of new, the most advanced methods and means.

According to The presidential decree of August 14, 2018, the salaries of primary and high school teachers have been equalized, starting from the new year, the salaries of subject teachers will increase by a total of 54 percent, of teachers of the highest category-64 percent.

At the same time, a system has been established to provide teachers with long-term preferential loans for the purchase of affordable housing for standard projects and vehicles, as well as the allocation of preferential loans to members of their families for the development of entrepreneurial activity.

In continuation of this work, on September 5 this year, the presidential Decree "on additional measures to improve the management of the public education system" was adopted, which opens up new prospects in the development of the sphere.

As you know, the decree, in particular, defines specific tasks to improve the management of public education institutions, strengthen their material, technical, educational and methodological base, further develop the network of non-governmental educational organizations, develop the state program "Modern school", pay pensions to working teachers-pensioners in full.

It should be noted that in our country priority is given to the development of higher education. Along with new universities, branches of prestigious foreign universities are opening, quotas for admission to higher educational institutions are increasing, and correspondence departments are operating in many areas of study.

All this is aimed at radical improvement, taking into account the modern requirements of the quality of the educational process, the creation of decent conditions for our respected teachers, all who work selflessly in this area, increasing their authority in society.

The country is carrying out a huge work on the construction, reconstruction and repair of educational institutions, including within the framework of the Investment program this year in 356 educational institutions – a total of 684 billion 700 million soums, and under the programs “OBOD Kishlok” and “OBOD mahalla” in 371 secondary schools – more than 424 billion soums.

In total, until August 2018, 12 trillion 366 billion soums were allocated from the State budget to the sphere of education and upbringing, which is more than 26 percent of total expenditures. These figures clearly show the extent of the reforms under way in the system.

Naturally, we are well aware that teachers and mentors play an incomparable role in achieving the high goals that we have set for ourselves.

In educating the younger generation in the spirit of national and universal values, devotion to their Homeland and people, mastering modern knowledge and professions, foreign languages, we rely primarily on you, dear employees of the education sector.

It is no secret that today the situation in the world is becoming more tense and unpredictable. In such difficult conditions, preventing negative influence on the consciousness of our young people, the fight against ignorance through education are of great importance, and your noble work serves as an example for the General public.

Large-scale and responsible tasks of our time require from all of us, first of all from you, dear teachers, tireless work on yourself, the formation of the younger generation of high spiritual and moral qualities, the ability to think independently, in a new way, the development and implementation of its abilities.

I am confident that you, dear teachers and mentors, sparing no effort and energy to educate all the children of our multi-ethnic country harmoniously developed individuals, real citizens of Uzbekistan, will cope with these tasks with honor.

Our state and society will continue to use every opportunity to create the necessary conditions for you and constantly support your selfless activities.

Dear teachers and mentors!

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all of you on today's national holiday.

I wish you health, success and good luck in fulfilling your noble and responsible mission, happiness and family well-being."