Restrictions on Smoking and advertising of electronic cigarettes and hookahs have come into force


Smoking of electronic cigarettes and hookah in public places, their advertising and promotion are prohibited.

The law "on restriction of Smoking of hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places" adopted on July 2, 2018 came into force.

Advertising of Smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes (dissemination of information about the methods and methods of Smoking), promotion and formation of the idea of harmlessness of Smoking is not allowed.

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that creates an aerosol (vapor) intended for inhalation, used as a means of delivering nicotine or a nicotine-free product. It is also equated with other types of electronic nicotine delivery systems or nicotine-free product in the human respiratory system, similar in consumer properties and methods of consumption with electronic cigarettes.

Smoking is prohibited in trains, cinemas, airports, entrances, clubs, museums, squares, parks, on the local area and so on.

The internal Affairs bodies will monitor the implementation of the law within their powers.

Persons guilty of violating the legislation on the restriction of Smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places are liable in accordance with the established procedure.