Spiritual and moral work

Spiritual and moral work of the department is conducted on the approved plan. Every week there is "Information hours" regularly organizes events, meetings and discussions on various spiritual and moral themes. The curators of the department with its teams visit theaters, museums and attractions of Uzbekistan.

The department focuses on the appearance of students healthy lifestyle, aesthetic and moral education. Teaching staff of the department are actively involved in all activities of the Institute and continually takes pride of place. All members of the department visited monthly student dormitory №1,2 check sanitary conditions hostels, conducted preventive talks and explanatory work with students groups.

    During the year, every month meetings are held on the spiritual and moral education. During the year a weekly "Information hours" and on the basis of these data is carried out propaganda and educational work among teachers and students. The department regularly conducts all the festivities.
    Employees of the department actively participate in the public life of the institute, at a sporting event - won prizes in volleyball and football.

September 5, 2018 in each group and lectures were held classes dedicated to the "Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan"