On February 28 the President of Uzbekistan signed a Decree "On the preparation and conduct of the national holiday Navruz in 2017".


The resolution approved the organizing Committee for preparation and holding of the holiday.

The organizational Committee is given ten days to develop a plan of organizational-practical, cultural-educational events aimed at the celebration of Navruz in the capital city of Tashkent, in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regional centers, all cities, districts and villages as a national sayila.

As noted in the document, in preparing the programme should also pay attention to:

-the organization of spiritual and educational activities that promote deeper awareness that in the days of Navruz people more fully feel their connection with nature, native land, even more appreciative of her generous gifts, and imbued with a sense of gratitude for the present days of peace;

-extensive coverage of events in all the cities and villages, in the media history of the holiday Navruz, the essence and value of related values, customs and traditions;

-carrying out the spirit and philosophy of Navruz – the ideas of goodness and mercy, friendship and harmony – charity events, to the manifestation of the full attention and care of the older generation, rendering selfless aid to all needy people.

-organization in the days of Navruz, which is a symbol of the beginning of the new season in agriculture, renewal of life, in the communities, towns and villages gasharov, large-scale works on improvement and planting of greenery;

-involvement in the preparation of holiday programs in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional centers and Tashkent city folklore groups, Amateur groups, rope-walkers, circus artists, family bands, folk tellers – bakhshi, poets, and professional artists and talented performers;

included in the festive program of folk games, best samples of folk art, classical tunes and songs, Saparov glorifying the ancient traditions and noble human feelings and qualities.

Note that the Celebration of Navruz from time immemorial embodies the noble values and great traditions of our people, his good intentions and aspirations, which is a priceless heritage of our ancestors, in the years of independence became a truly national holiday, the occurrence of which look forward to all our compatriots, regardless of their nationality, language and religion.

It became a tradition comprehensively and thoroughly prepare for and widely celebrate Nowruz, which is for our people, a symbol of nature awakening, the beginning of new year according to the Eastern calendar, the most truly national and favorite holiday.