Spiritual and moral work

Work on the younger generation, the desire to educate a healthy and harmoniously developed person - is one of the features of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, educational and spiritual and educational work is the most important activity of the department of hospital pediatric surgery. This work is aimed at educating young people, educated and comprehensively developed, educated in the spirit of devotion and love for the Motherland, high respect for the heritage of ancestors and universal values, spiritually rich, morally perfect, devoted to the idea of national independence and capable of implementing the idea of national revival. Educational and spiritual and educational work at the department is conducted continuously to the drafted and approved plan. Coordinate and organize this work, responsible for spirituality, assistant Ruzmetova G.B. The department conducts work among students and faculty: • for the purpose of improving and improving the spiritual and world-class qualities of the individual and the universal and national principles on the basis of the works and speeches of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, decrees and decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as local governing bodies concerning the concept of education for the harmoniously developed generation, especially in the spiritual and educational aspect; • to promote creative work in the republic in the process of successful implementation of reforms; • in the formation of the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students; • to increase the political and legal culture among students; • timely dissemination to students of information about socially political and creative events taking place in the world and in the country; • to form a healthy spiritual atmosphere among students; • on the organization of leisure of students, the organization of various circles on interests, corresponding to the direction and specialization of the educational institution. Teachers regularly organize and conduct round tables, meetings, training seminars, charity events and excursions with the students, show their videos and movies on various moral and educational themes. Of these, the most relevant moral topics such as: "I am a happy citizen of independent Uzbekistan", "Uzbekistan on the road creativeness", "My role in the development of Uzbekistan", "To develop our political and legal knowledge and culture", "Culture of appearance", "The spiritual image of the student," "Ethical Rules", "The fight against bad habits", "Healthy lifestyle - our basic slogan" "Religious orientations, their true goals and ideas" "Religious extremism and fundamentalism, their negative consequences" "Learning from the rich spiritual and scientific heritage of ancestors". And the teachers of the department are taught special courses in the works of the President, which set out on ongoing political, economic, spiritual and cultural reforms in the years of independence. At the department has a corner "Spirituality and enlightenment", enriched with different visual means, such as books, posters, banners, and wheels. The staff of the course is actively involved in social work of the Institute, in various events and sports competitions. All the teachers of the course are attached curatorial groups and throughout the school year 2 times per month they spend "Information Hour", together with the students go to the theater, museums and attractions of Uzbekistan. In addition, curatorial work is conducted at the department, for this purpose an annual curatorial plan is developed every year, in which groups are regularly held conversations and discusses the creative and other activities of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sh. M. Mirziyoyev, materials of a spiritual and educational nature. Attached to the department three curatorial 5 groups of the 2st of Pediatrics. At the curatorial team of teachers involved in the festivities, "Independence Day," "Student Day", "Day's mentor and teacher," "Constitution Day", "Nowruz", March 8, and others. In curatorial groups regularly held discussions aimed at developing students' high spiritual and moral qualities, to develop a sense of patriotism, trust and respect for each other. Students prepare reports on the following topics: "Oila huquq manbalari", "Constitution", "Terrorism", "On the dangers of smoking, drug addiction", "On the goodness and mercy ", "Role of the doctor", etc. Together with the curator of a museum visit, "Courage", "art", "Medicine", "Amir Temur", "athletic prowess", etc. Also, go to the theater, "National Drama Theatre," "Abror Khidoyatova", "Ilkhom" and etc. Clock information • At the department there is a folder that contains the presidential decrees, decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education, news, politics, etc. • These materials are being actively discussed at faculty meetings, lectures, practical classes.