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Neonatology - the science of nursing babies: finding optimal methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children in the first four weeks of life, infants rehabilitation, establishment of neonatal conditions necessary for the formation of health during the entire life of man Masters - neonatologists, being qualified, can perform not only a treatment work, but also research and teaching, administrative, managerial, medical and social. Master - neonatologist will be needed in the modern world. According to the curriculum in the master's specialty "Neonatologist" provides 3-year full-time education. Theoretical training in the discipline as a profession is held seminars in all areas of neonatology and includes four thematic blocks: a newborn baby, birth injuries, diseases of the internal organs and systems, neonatal infections. Practical training (practice) includes independent Supervision patients participated in rounds of professors and associate professors, implementing medical diagnostic procedures and treatments, the interpretation of the results of additional studies, design of medical records in accordance with the list of practical skills. The practice of clinical intern is led by deputy. chapters. physician and head. department. Medical residents in their second year of residency passage is actively involved in the educational work of the department and the institution: present in practical sessions held assistant or associate professors of the Department of the students and the audience. Clinical resident participates in the clinical and scientific conferences held jointly chair and leadership base hospital. Control study carried out by checking the daily work, as well as an intermediate (PC) and the final (PC) control.

1. The main base is located in the department of Children's Hospital 5 Mirzo Ulugbek district. Address: 100170, st. Zielilar, 38. Directions: aut. 17, 63, 83, 96, 129, routes 28, 51, 80, 137, tram 13 to stop "Acadia. The town. " 1. The department has base GKDB № 1, № 8 AK, ROC RSNPMTS AIG, GOC № 1

2. On the main base of the department has four classrooms, one lecture room, one computer room. 3. Equipping classrooms: wall stands and posters aids: dummy, set for newborn resuscitation (Grand Prom Halsey, UK), head for laryngoscopy (grand UNICEF), the doll for primary care. 4. Technical support of the Department: TV-5, DVD-2, 5 computers (1 is connected to the Internet), printer -3, multimedia projector 2. 6. At the department of 17 employees. Core staff - 12 employees. Part-time employees -5.