Educational and educational and methodical work

Following subjects are taught on department: Children Neonatology 6th , 5th course for pediatric faculty For 6th courses Medical - Pedagogy Faculties For 5th - 6th courses Medicine Matters Faculties Nurses work at the neurology disease For 2 course students Study base of department: Methodical work. Translated state educational standard on russian language on specialty child Neonatology. Formed questions OSCE for state exam for student seven courses. Designed rating of the estimation of the knowledges of student and master. Curriculum was formed for student of the pediatric faculty. All scholastic programs were divided into two parts: educational technologies and worker scholastic program. Scholastic program was Designed on preparation clinical ordinators. Program was formed for Pediatrics Faculties . Curriculum was formed for student of the pediatric faculty. Lecture with presentation for students: For 5 course pediatrics Faculties 3 in Russian and Uzbek; For 6 course Medical pedagogy 3 in Russian and Uzbek For 2 course High degree nurses 3 in Russian and uzbek. For foreign students and residents prepare tests in Russian and Uzbek: For 5th course 1500; For 6th course 1500; second course 400 that; For residents 1200 test prepare.